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By Michael Ellis-Jones. Recollections of the people and place "A Boyhood’s Recall 1937-1945: Maesmawr Hall"
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A Boyhood’s Recall 1937-1945: Maesmawr Hall includes a specific tribute to a craftsman who long ago gave the author, when a child, his first opportunity to become acquainted with woodworking tools. Fifty-two years later, that early apprenticeship bore fruit when he made a copy of an antique Flemish harpsichord, a two-year-long project during which his photography darkroom fell into disuse, ‘though it has latterly been essential for the preparation of many illustrations taken especially for this book. The writing of it demanded such intense application of research and composition that a hitherto flourishing vegetable garden partially reverted to Nature! However, its hard-won produce never matched that which Maesmawr’s gardener, Noel Brown, conjured from his plenteous plots, albeit under the watchful eyes of potentially plundering pigeons innumerable! Noel and his Estate colleagues, together with Maesmawr’s house staff, are herein fondly described, illustrated and recalled. So, of course, are the author’s grandparents (his Welsh nain and taid), members of the family and several dear friends, all of whom adored the old house, imbuing it with their personalities. The author hopes that this plenitude of vividly remembered events, and a small boy’s many enthusiasms, will make pleasurable reading. His especial intent is to dwell upon some favourite scenes of Yesteryear, a time when deep personal tragedy was transmuted into a spiritually sustaining happiness through the great love he received at Maesmawr Hall. May these Recollections succeed in conveying it, together with his thankfulness for it, and his unfading memory of those who gave it.


Powys County Council

Local Studies

Book Review, Spring 2007

‘MICHAEL ELLIS-JONES: A Boyhood’s Recall 1937-1945: Maesmawr Hall (Published by the author)
This is one of the most beautifully produced books to be added to Powys collections in recent years. It is the author’s memoir of a childhood which shaped him, an idyllic time spent in Maesmawr Hall in the Severn Valley between Caersws and Newtown. As well as being a memoir of great charm it is also a record of life in a “big house” in rural Wales.
The book begins with a chapter of family history relating the author’s ancestors and their complicated dynastic links with other families in Montgomeryshire. It is the chapters on a Montgomeryshire boyhood which provide the greatest enjoyment with a wonderful portrait of the house and all who lived in it down to the most humble. There are sections on the estate staff; baking and wash day; the building itself; the local railway and chapels; and many other topics which take the book well beyond the personal memoir.
The volume is beautifully and lavishly illustrated with photographs and engravings, and printed on paper of a high quality. A treasured addition to the library’s Montgomeryshire local history collections.’


CAMBRIA Magazine (March - April 2007) Review

'Michael Ellis-Jones’ a BOYHOOD'S RECALL, MAESMAWR HALL is an intricate and immaculate miscellany of memories, memorabilia and characters from a now long-vanished era.

The book is written with sensitivity and charm; chapters filled with information about people, places and the lives they led. It is beautifully produced and enormous care and thought has gone into its design and feel, from the paper itself to the exquisite reproduction of photographs, drawings and wood-engravings. A Welsh classic, and though a highly personal book, it will have wide and lasting appeal.’




Published: 2006

Republished with additions: 2011

Publisher: Michael Ellis-Jones


Hardback with dust cover

2 colours throughout

ISBN: 978-09553073-1-7