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By Elisabeth Vreede (Phil.Doc.). 36 Astronomy Letters and 2 extra articles on a sun eclipse and the zodiac through the ages with extensive notes.
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Anthroposophy and Astronomy

Elisabeth Vreede's astronomical letters

Elisabeth Vreede (Phil.Doc.) 16 July 1879 - 31 August 1943
Leader of the Section of Mathematics and Astronomy Dornach, 1926 - 1935

In addition to the thirty-six astronomy letters there are two extra articles on a sun eclipse and the zodiac through the ages with extensive notes. The letters contain the important astronomical corrections made in the 2nd. German edition. Elisabeth Vreede (1879 - 1943) was a mathematician and Astronomer, who as a student of the Austrian scientist and philosopher Rudolf Steiner (1861 - 1925) developed a new approach to a study of the heavens and its phenomena.

Considering the enormous advances made in astronomy during the latter half of the 20th century one may ask what is the value in publishing such a work; surely much of its material is out-dated? Vreede's contribution to such a study lies in her attitude and approach based upon a close study of Steiner's work and her own observations.

This Book can give both Astonomers and Astrologers new insights into their studies, leading to a rejuvenated form of star wisdom known as Astrosophy. Faced with the challenge of the Millennium we need to find a new way of dealing with it's problems. Here are indications which can help us to see more clearly through the darkened glass of present day material-bound thought.

"...Thus, in order to become acquainted with these temporal events, one must first feel oneself connected with the forces that are at work. The Knowledge of the Universe rises upwards through three stages; from Astronomy to Astrology, and from Astrology to Astrosophy. But every one of these realms of knowledge is today more or less under a spell. Astronomical Science is devoid of spirituality, but must once again be filled with it. Astrology preserves an ancient spirituality which can no longer have the same value for our own times. True Astrosophy is at present surely not to be found outside Rudolf Steiner's Spiritual Science. ..." E. Vreede



Published: 2001

Publisher: Anastasi Ltd

480 pp

149 x 219 mm

155 black and white, and 6 coloured illustrations