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Part 1, 15 Lectures 'Eurythmy as Visible Speech', with an additional 4 lectures all by Rudolf Steiner. Part 2, Companion to 'Eurythmy as Visible Speech' collated by A Stott.
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Eurythmy as Visible Speech

The German title (GA279 Eurythmie als sichtbare Sprache)

Eurythmy performed with the spoken word e.g. poetry, stories and plays. The book contaning a lecture-course given by Rudolf Steiner, in response to requests, presents the basic principles and methods of this new art of meaningful movement. The spiritual teacher Rudolf STEINER (1861–1925) links to the centuries-old central esoteric and exoteric Western tradition of the Word, the creative power in the sounds of the divine-human alphabet. The Johannine Logos-teaching of Creation (John 1) and Paul’s doctrine “you are a letter... written on tablets of human hearts” (2 Cor 3:3) find concrete form and expression in the performing arts, in education and in therapy.

This edition includes five further lectures and reports (complete) by Steiner, an Introduction and Index, copious Notes and Essays to the Lectures by Alan Stott, and five Appendices including ‘Eurythmy and the English Language’ by Annelies Davidson.


From Rudolf Steiner’s report on Eurythmy as Visible Speech:
“In eurythmy the essence of the artistic element and its sources can be brought to visibility. This was especially borne in mind during the presentation of this lecture-course. Only someone who creatively unfolds a sense for art from an inner calling, an inner enthusiasm, can work as an artist in eurythmy. To manifest those possibilities of form and movement inherent in the human organisation, the soul must be inwardly completely occupied with art. This all-embracing character of eurythmy was the foundation for all that was presented.”


“For the poet, for the thinker, and for the movement artist who thinks with his/her whole body, the highest mental act is done with all their heart and with all their mind and with all their soul. The present compilation may also help to mediate between two semi-distinct parties: those artists whose busy lives are happily filled by rehearsals, teaching demands, and so on, and those involved in other activities—philosophy, literature, music, the visual arts, the dance, worship, meditation, education, medicine, therapies, and so on—who are enquiring about the background to, and relevance of, the expressive art of eurythmy. Perhaps most readers belong to both groups.”—A.S.

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This Edition Published: 2005

Publisher: Anastasi Ltd


240 x 174 mm

384 pp

153 illustrations

ISBN: 0-9541048-8-9