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By D A Suffolk. Book 1 in the adventures of school children Sam & Sarah and their Friends.
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Product Code: ISBN 978-9553077-0-6

This is the first book of Sam and Sarah adventures. When the Court family moved to the West Country the nine-year-old twins, Sam and Sarah, their parents, Derek and Doreen, and their pets, the toy poodle Binky and Cleo the cat who thought she was a dog; became involved in a series of strange happenings in their new home, Bidford Manor. Who are the shadowy beings known as the Enchainers? Why do they wish to drive away its new occupants and destroy the Manor? Who or what is a House Guardian—such as Bill Bluff—who the children invite to their Hallowe’en feast? In their attempts to solve these mysteries Sam and Sarah are aided and abetted by their new-found friends, Stephen and Jane Randell—also nine-year-old twins—and after various adventures they triumph; finding the means to drive out the Enchainers and to restore their House Guardian to his rightful position once more.

Reader's Comments:

"I found it very hard to pull myself away…"

"There was intregue, adventure, mystery, history and curiosity for the reader to enjoy…" Doreen E. Ware, BA (Psych), SC (ITC).

Published: 2007

Publisher: Anastasi Ltd

160 pp

120 x 175 mm

Line Drawings and Maps

Reading age: 9 years upwards

ISBN: 978-9553077-0-6