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Marks Gospel: The Cosmic Rhythm

In this monumental work, Hermann Beckh seeks for an extended understanding of the relationship of cosmic influence to earthly events.
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Product Code: ISBN 978-0-9569266-8-5

In this monumental work, Hermann Beckh seeks for an extended understanding of the relationship of cosmic influence to earthly events. The underlying perception is that, during the course of the three years of Christ's ministry, the Sun moves successively through the twelve stations of the zodiac three times, each cycle working on a higher level. The signature of each station can be discovered most significantly as informing the individual scenes of the gospel.

Hermann BECKH (1875-1937), lecturer at the University of Berlin, idologist, priest of The Christian Community and universal scholar, is being re-discovered today. The term "polymath" is inadequate. As master of several languages, six ancient and six modern, he researched the origins of language itself; wrote a standard work on the life and teaching of Buddha; contributed several studies in world religions, and composed some poetical and musical works.

Beckh's insights bear no "sell-by" date; his artistic, meditative approach is increasingly appreciated as his lasting heritage. With it he penetrates to the creative archetypes. Beckh, writing at a time of cultural upheaval, shows the deeper cause and the way through. His treatise on musical tonality explains and illustrate the "cosmic rhythm" informing our lives at all times.

Applied to the gospel, Beckh's ground-breaking vision reveals the artistic form and details. Beckh traces how all the disciples fail, except for the one disciple on whose shoulders the fate of the world hung - and hangs. Here is more than scholarly argument; here a scholar leads the reader to see for him/herself the spiritual meaning of the Earth and of humanity.

Beckh's uniquely original exposition reads like a mystery drama, music drama and symphonic cycle all within one cover. And like a musician who serves from the first note to the last, the less Beckh tells of himself, the more he tells of the personality - of his reader.

"Such a exposition as this on a gospel has hitherto not been written." (Hamburger Fremdenblatt. 1929)

Beckh on Beckh, and Beckh by his colleagues:

"'In all other respects I stand on the shoulders of my predecessors in scholarship, and my particular viewpoint I owe to Rudolf Steiner; but in music, I feel I am really breaking new ground'. Rudolf Steiner himself said of him in this respect, 'Beckh ventures into provinces which I have not yet had an opportunity of investigating myself. And there is a great deal in what Beckh says about them'. There are not many people of whom Rudolf Steiner would have made such a remark.

If I remember rightly, the first public lecture which he gave, at the invitation of Rudolf Steiner, at the first public Conference in the First Goetheanum was on the single sentence from Genesis: 'Let there be light.' He described certain primeval elements of sacred language, uniting philology and esoteric knowledge"-Dr Alfred Heidenreich (The Christian Community Journal. 1938).




Published: Original (German) 1928/60; Translated (English) 2015

Publisher: Anastasi Ltd

Author: Hermann Beckh

Translator: Alan Stott

Book: 497pp, Paperback, 216 x 140 mm

Illustrated: Photo of Beckh and other illustrations

ISBN: 978-0-9569266-8-5